Specific for hares, this product comes in pellets of 2.8 mm in diameter.
This feed was created to fulfil the needs of hares, from weaning to slaughter.
The balance between fibres and proteins helps the correct functioning of the whole digestive system and increases the animal’s wellbeing.
The energy and protein content ensures an ideal muscle development;
The vitamin and mineral content helps the animal overcome reproductive issues, typical in the species.
For better results, we recommend using this feed without adding any other products.
We recommend administering circa 60/70 g per day per kg weighed by the live animal, according to age.
The feed is integrated with a blend of natural essential oils with a cocciostatic action that allows the prevention of coccidiosis, an illness typical to this species, without changing the quality of the final product.
The feed is available in 25-kg bags as well as in big bags and loose.