“CAVALLI FIBRA” is a feed with a high content of fibre, ideal to substitute long-fibre fodder.
It is particularly suitable in periods when it is difficult to find fodder, and ideal for horses with heaves.
The high quality of the fodder it is made with as well as the adding of mineral salts and vitamins give the horse a shiny coat and help the development of the nails.
The feed is available in 25-kg bags as well as in big bags and loose.



“CAVALLI NO STRESS” is a feed dedicated to the care and wellbeing of horses that suffer from illnesses or old age.
“CAVALLI NO STRESS” was created to help with respiratory or digestive problems, or issues linked to the horse’s age. There is no need to add vitamins or minerals.
Quantity may vary according to the breed and the size of the animals. However, ideal dosage is of 0.6/1.2 kg. per 100 kg. weighed by the animal, according to the quality of the fodder and to the type of activity carried out by the animal.
“CAVALLI NO STRESS” comes in pellets and it is characterized by the following features:
Absence of molasses
Near-complete absence of cereals, especially those that ferment easily.
High content of digestible fibre, like that of beet pulp.
High content of vitamins
High content of gastric and intestinal buffers to avoid or contain issues like gastritis.
Energy content given by organic oils like soy oil.
The feed is available in 25-kg bags as well as in big bags and loose.