The 1950s, the end of the war, a country to rebuild. In a country eager to be reborn, Mario and Francesco Monti, young fathers, decided to venture into a sector that had been unthinkable until then: the feed industry. Indeed, until then animals had been exclusively means of work, and almost never food to put on the table. But from America came rumors of a possible future, made of money and better eating conditions. Indeed, it is precisely from that “American dream” that Mangimi Monti was born.


Almost 70 years have passed since that challenge they embarked on, and the company is still there, remembering its origins but looking to the future, prompted forward by the search for quality rather than by quantity. Indeed, it is not about doing something more than before; it’s about doing it better than before, as differently as possible. While other companies centralize and globalize, we remain small and follow small-medium companies, even those who have just few animals for their own needs.
While others choose GMOs and the maximization of results, we prefer a NO GMOs policy, and a simple and natural supply chain. For some time now, we have been producing non-GMOs feed for all animal species, and a line of organic products has been available since 2016. Our products do not contain drugs, preservatives, or dyes.